Get Affordable Medical Care Without Health Insurance

Create an enduring and trusting primary care relationship between you and your doctor.

In 2017 almost 50 million Americans were without Direct Primary Healthcare. Many of the uninsured use emergency rooms as a last resort for their health needs, since the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA) requires that hospitals provide emergency healthcare treatment to whoever needs it. But neglecting routine Direct Primary Healthcare is not only unhealthy for your body, it’s unhealthy for your wallet, as a single emergency room visit can cost thousands of dollars.

Direct Care For Me offers a solution to this problem.

Get your family the health care it deserves.

Direct Care For Me health plans will  provide quality, affordable family Direct Primary Healthcare services to medically uninsured that will qualify you under Obamacare.

Why Become A Direct Care For Me Primary Care Patient?

The Direct Care For Me Payment System was designed to grant patients complete access to care. Patients directly pay their physician an agreed to low-cost rate which is paid up front at the beginning of each month. As long as the patient has paid up for that month, the patient is granted complete access (unlimited visits) to their physician. Insurance co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance fees are not required in order to receive care.

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model gives family physicians a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing, typically by charging patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee (i.e., a retainer) that covers all or most primary care services including clinical, laboratory, and consultative services, and care coordination and comprehensive care management. Because some services are not covered by a retainer, DPC practices often suggest that patients acquire a high-deductible wraparound policy to cover emergencies.

Why Become a Direct Care For Me Provider?

We’re sure you didn’t go to medical school so you could work for an insurance company.

Get back to True Primary Care – the kind of care that will put you back in touch with your patient.

It is time to get back to the kind of personalized Direct Primary Healthcare you want to provide. We will take care of the paperwork – you take care of the patient. To find out more on how doctors get involved, please click here.


Direct Care For Me offers the most comprehensive telemedicine system on the market today. Physicians receive an additional revenue stream and patients can see a doctor immediately, even from the comfort of their home.

Empower Purchasing

Use Direct Care For Me to connect with competitive contracts from the nation’s most sought-after suppliers. Best of all, our contracts are commitment-free and cost-free.

 Price Transparency

Direct Care For Me offers a unique and extremely valuable tool that allows you to see how much hospitals and medical offices in your area charge for specific procedures.

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