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How Much Can a Direct Care Doctor Make?

Once a direct care doctor is up and running with a full patient roster, the salary possibilities are very attractive. If a doctor has good standing in their community, a decent advertising budget and a willingness to take on multiple roles within the office, then they can make MORE than their current salary within the insurance-based model. Of course, exactly how much more will depend on factors like patient volume, monthly fee and cost differentiation.

For Example:  Prototypical DPC P&L

Net Revenue: Membership (800 x $50 x12 Months)   $480,000
  Staff Salaries and Benefits $64,800  
  Office Space $24,000  
  Medical Supplies $18,800  
  Office Supplies $1,200  
  Equipment Leasing $7,000  
  Telephone $5,000  
  Repairs and Maintenance $7,500  
  Insurance $5,000  
  EMR $3,600  
  Legal $3,000  
  Marketing $2,400  
Total Expenses     $144,000
Gross Profit     $336,000

Note: Gross Profit includes variable amounts for Provider Salary, Retirement Account Contribution and Business Development funds. Examples of business development could include imaging and laboratory equipment and in-office dispensary equipment, which would generate additional practice revenue.

Direct Primary Care + Additional Services

Direct Care For Me offers you additional (optional) services that can bring in an additional revenue stream for your practice and an opportunity to significantly lower your practice’s overhead expenses.

direct care doctor


Receive additional income and help more people by seeing patients via your smartphone or computer with our telemedicine program.

direct care doctor

Empower Purchasing

Receive exclusive discounted pricing on medical  and office supplies, medications, and capital equipment for your medical practice.

For more information about becoming a DPC provider with Direct Care For Me, please fill out this form and we will get back to you right away.

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