Why Become A Direct Care For Me Primary Care Patient?

Direct Care For Me was designed to grant patients complete access to quality healthcare.

The current problem with healthcare today:

  • Today’s healthcare system is set up as a reactive, sick-care system. Because they see thousands of patients, doctors don’t have the time to practice preventative care.
  • Lack of quality and preventive care leads to costly health problems.
  • Consumers do not have a “quarterback” for their healthcare and seek out more-costly specialists and make more urgent care visits when they are sick.
  • Few alternatives exist that solve issues of cost, quality, access, service, and coordination simultaneously.

Direct Care For Me’s Healthcare’s solution:

  • We provide unlimited virtual or in-clinic access to your primary care provider and healthcare team experts.
  • We can identify risks and conditions earlier and provide preventative care to keep you healthier longer.
  • No copays, insurance or deductibles–EVER.
  • Get access when you need it. Minimal wait times. Same or next-day appointments. Call, text, or email your provider whenever you need to.
  • We offer cash-priced alternatives for labs, imaging, and pharmaceuticals, which translates to as much as 80% savings on many of these services.

How this is possible?

  • Your monthly fee allows us to focus on providing the best care, and we spend zero time trying to collect money from insurance companies.
  • Rapid intervention at early stages of disease prevents bigger problems and unnecessary costs.
  • Our HIPAA-compliant telmedicine program allows patients to call, text, or email us at any time.
  • We keep our patients healthy because we can spend time with them in clinic. We never rush appointments.

Direct Care For Me offers you additional (optional) services that can provide you and your family with more access to medical providers and an affordable option for specialist and catastrophic issues that may occur.

Obtaining affordable care is easy. Call us at 615-669-8347 for more information or have your physician call us at 615-669-8347 today!

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